Specialist in Civil Law in Tenerife

Civil law regulates the majority of our personal, family, and everyday relationships. It encompasses essential aspects of our lives: from separation or divorce (and their associated issues), inheritances, debt claims, contract breaches, claims for damages, accidents, among many other matters. In all cases, there is a personal, family, economic, and even social impact. Our team of lawyers has specialized in civil law for 25 years, offering comprehensive coverage to clients facing any issues. If you need a civil lawyer in Tenerife, rely on our experience and specialization.

Legal Matters for Foreign Citizens

Generally, concepts, procedures, or regulations are complex for any citizen, and in the case of foreign citizens (whether residents in Spain or occasional visitors), this problem is heightened. This situation also generates a sense of uncertainty and helplessness that is challenging to manage. At A§ILF, we have helped many foreign citizens solve their legal problems in Tenerife and Spain over 25 years. Our proficiency in Dutch, English, and Spanish allows us to have fluent communication with our clients, understand the complexity of their specific situation, problem, and context. And our status as specialist civil lawyers enables us to provide quick and effective solutions.

Services as a Civil Lawyer in Tenerife

Count on our services as civil lawyers in Tenerife, covering legal advice, negotiation, extrajudicial technical defense, or technical defense in all types of judicial proceedings. Among other actions, they include:

  • Collection of unpaid debts.
  • Contractual and extracontractual civil liability.
  • Compensation for traffic accidents, falls…
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts.
  • Assistance in notaries.
  • Procedures with the Civil Registry.
  • Urban and rural leases.
  • Evictions and claims for amounts.
  • Separation. Divorce and annulment. Express divorce.
  • Matrimonial property agreements.
  • Matrimonial economic regime.
  • Regulatory agreement.
  • Cohabitation agreements.
  • Guardianship.