Lawyers specializing in property buying and selling

The purchase or sale of a home is a significant transaction in the lives of our clients. We are talking about their investments and future projects. We take on this responsibility with our professionalism, drawing on our experience of over 25 years and our specialization in real estate law.

As real estate lawyers in Tenerife, we have accompanied our clients throughout the entire process of buying and selling their homes, providing legal certainty for each transaction. This guidance, from start to finish, can only be offered by our A§ILF team, which includes professionals well-versed in the real estate market of the island, their track record as specialists in real estate, administrative, and urban law, and their accumulated experience.

A§ILF provides a team of lawyers specialized in real estate transactions. Therefore, although the real estate agent or administrative manager can provide information about the investment and the steps to follow, the intervention of a lawyer specializing in real estate advice, from the moment the investment is considered, is highly recommended and necessary to avoid unforeseen surprises that could cause serious harm.

Services as real estate lawyers in Tenerife.

A§ILF offers its clients, as real estate lawyers in Tenerife, a comprehensive service, covering everything from the conception and review of the contract, through the analysis of transaction risks (due diligence), to property registration. The services provided include, among others, the following actions:

  • Real estate purchase contracts.
  • Property acquisition.
  • Risks in home buying.
  • Direct real estate purchases (asset deal).
  • Preliminary documents: letters of intent, exclusivity and confidentiality agreements, reservation contracts, earnest money contracts, and purchase options.
  • Sale of real estate companies (share deal).
  • Turnkey contracts, forward funding, and forward purchase. Built to rent (BTR) operations.
  • Lease agreements; rent, legal deposit, and guarantees.
  • Horizontal Property – Owners’ Communities.
  • Notarial and registration practice.