Family Lawyer in Tenerife

Legal family matters are challenging to handle, as they involve private, family, and personal areas with many emotional implications and an impact on relationships with our loved ones. Our experience is a secure asset in these cases, particularly in divorce and separation cases, and all their related issues: child custody, modification of measures, claims for alimony, enforcement of judgments, visitation rights for grandparents, among others.

Our primary goal is to reduce conflict; it is always better to reach a negotiated solution that is in the interest of all parties. It is the best way to normalize a new situation and ensure that the provided solution is lasting and effective. In case it is not possible, we resort to legal action defending the interests, rights, and position of our clients.

Services as Family Lawyers in Tenerife

Our services as specialist family lawyers include, among others, the following actions:

  • Separation.
  • Contested divorce and express divorce.
  • Nullity of marriage.
  • Matrimonial property agreements.
  • Modification of measures.
  • Claims for alimony.
  • Child custody.
  • Liquidation of matrimonial economic regime.
  • Regulatory agreement.
  • Common-law partnerships.
  • Support measures for people with disabilities.
  • Enforcement of judgments.