Need Expert Advice to Secure Your Real Estate Investment?

At A§ILF, we take care to safeguard our clients’ real estate investments and provide them with legal security. That’s why we have an experienced and specialized legal team at the service of our clients.

Nathalie Zanolie has been working in Tenerife for 25 years, and her full command of the Dutch, English, and Spanish languages in the legal field has allowed her to assist many clients as a legal consultant in the real estate sector. This extensive accumulated experience gives her a deep understanding of the peculiarities of the real estate market in Tenerife and, at the same time, a great ability to adapt each real estate transaction to the needs and circumstances of each client.

Leave it to Specialized and Experienced Lawyers

At A§ILF, we are very aware of the responsibility we take on from the moment we are entrusted with advising our clients in the process of buying or selling their property; it is about legally guaranteeing our clients’ investments. It motivates us, and we love being able to do it. A§ILF has extensive experience in advisory and litigation services, both for private entities and entities in the public sector.

Real Estate Legal Consulting Services in Tenerife

Our team of lawyers specializes in providing legal advisory services in real estate transactions in Tenerife, including, among others, the following actions:

  • Simple Note in the Property Registry.
  • Energetic Certification, Habitation Certificate, and ITE (Technical Inspection of Buildings).
  • Property Tax and Certificate of Debts from the Owners’ Community.
  • Mortgage Cancellation or certificate of outstanding debt.
  • Letter of intent, reservation contract, earnest money contract, and purchase contract.
  • Accompaniment to the selected notary for the signing of the purchase and sale agreement.
  • Registration of the sales deed in the Property Registry.
  • Municipal Capital Gain Tax.
  • Personal Income Tax.
  • Owners’ Community Expenses.
  • Property Transfer Tax.
  • Canary Islands General Indirect Tax.
  • Documented Legal Acts Tax.
  • Non-Residents Tax in Spain.
  • Translations of all types of documents. We translate your purchase and sale deed at the notary.
  • After-Sales Service.
  • Change of property ownership.
  • Transfer of ownership in water and electricity supply.
  • Change of cadastral and municipal ownership.
  • Property Tax and garbage collection, etc.