Specialized Inheritance Lawyer in Tenerife

Handling an inheritance is always a complex matter, which sometimes generates disputes within a family. This is why it is appropriate to carry out an orderly and transparent succession and seek the advice of a specialized inheritance lawyer in Tenerife. At A§ILF, we have assisted many clients in handling inheritances over our 25-year history. Aspects such as estate administration, valuation and distribution of assets, debt settlement, and taxation are critical, requiring the expertise of qualified professionals.

International Inheritances

If inheritances also have an international component, the process becomes even more complex. Our clients are often foreigners, and we have extensive experience providing advice on inheritances in Tenerife.

Avoiding Family Conflicts Arising from an Inheritance

Our goals in succession cases are multiple: clarify the situation, anticipate common problems, ensure compliance with the law and the testator’s will, and avoid potential conflicts among family members. To achieve this, it is essential to manage the process in an orderly, transparent, and rigorous manner. Our experience allows us to anticipate situations and provide pragmatic solutions.

Services as Inheritance Lawyers in Tenerife

If you need expert and specialized advice, rely on our inheritance lawyers in Tenerife, whose services include, among others, the following actions:

  • Acceptance and Renunciation of Inheritance.
  • Recognition of Heirship.
  • Partition and Division Agreements.
  • Succession without a will.
  • Partition notebooks.
  • Taxation of the inheritance, inheritance and gift tax.
  • Registry Registration.
  • Judicial and Notarial Heir Declarations.
  • Renunciation or contestation of a will.
  • Wills and inheritance of foreigners.