In the mid-1960s, Nathalie Zanolie’s grandfather fell in love with the island of Tenerife during a short stopover on a cruise ship from the Netherlands to South Africa. A few years later, her maternal family moved temporarily to the south of the island. After a few years of living with the local people and at a time when the town of Los Cristianos was just a small fishing port, they decided to invest in the purchase of some land and the subsequent construction of one of the first residential flats in Playa de Las Americas. After years of hard work, his family’s dream had come true!

Nathalie’s family background has deeply influenced her way of being, half Canarian, half Dutch, which has allowed her during her long professional experience on the island to understand the needs of her clients, mostly Belgian and Dutch nationals who have also decided to settle permanently or temporarily in the Canary Islands or have not done so but at some point have considered it.

After many years of experience in the private sector and later in the real estate world, Nathalie began her professional career as a lawyer creating the firm “Advocaat Tenerife” with the aim of providing legal assistance and advice to her clients. Nathalie is currently a practising lawyer and has been registered with the Bar Association of Santa Cruz de Tenerife under the number 3.033 since 1999. Her fluency in Dutch, English and Spanish and her many years of professional experience have enabled her to broaden her scope of activity in the different branches of law and to expand her corporate image under the name of the firm A§ILF (Advocaten Spanje & Spain International Law Firm) – ADVOCAAT TENERIFE.


We are a legal services and legal consultancy firm, specialised in attending to the legal needs of foreign clients in Spain. A§ILF – ADVOCAAT TENERIFE is a law firm focused on foreign clients who want to invest, live or work in Spain. Our specialisation is the foreign client. We are focused on meeting their needs, advising and guiding them in accordance with Spanish laws. And we can do all this because A§ILF is made up of a solid team of professionals who have extensive experience in each of their respective areas of law and who are fluent in Dutch, English and Spanish in the legal field, which allows us to perfectly understand the circumstances of our clients and offer them effective solutions.

Our philosophy is to make everything easy for our customers

Lawyer practising in the Canary Islands, Dutch, English and Spanish speaking, member of the Bar Association of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with the number 3.033 since 1999.